Date 20 January 2020

Traffic regulations, you had no idea about!

A few interesting facts about traffic regulations from across the world. Some places instate regulations so obvious and weird, that it seems silly to even put them in traffic rules.
Check it out for yourself:

• You don’t need to pass a test to get your drivers license. You can hire a driving instructor voluntarily.
• Anyone who’s over 21 and has a drivers license for at least 3 years can be your driving instructor.

• Every driver is obliged to carry a breathalyzer with them.

• In Moscow, people can receive a high fine for having a dirty car. It’s up to the officer to decide if a car is dirty or not.

• Every one applying for a drivers license has to take a psych eval.
• First test during theoretical exam for a drivers license is a spelling test, which checks if the driver isn’t illiterate.

Saudi Arabia:
• since June 2018 women can get a drivers license
• average male drivers licens costs 120$ to get. Female drivers license costs around 800$


• Every person who uses corrective glasses, must carry a spare pair in the car at all times or face a fine.

• In Alaska, you can’t tie a dog to the top of a car.
• Crossing the border state in Minnesota with a duck on your head is forbidden
• In Massachusets, driving a car with a gorilla in the back seat is illegal.
• In Michigan you can’t read a newspaper in the middle of the street.
• In Maryland a driver can’t yell at pedestrians or other drivers. A fine for this offence can be as high as 100$
• In Oregon you can be fined for opening the car doors too slowly.
• In Alabama it is forbidden to cover your eyes while driving

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Date 02 April 2021

Happy Easter!

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