Date 05 January 2020

The most popular drink in our company

Most of us can’t imagine starting a day without a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Drinking coffee daily doesn’t have to be considered a bad habit! On the contrary, it has been proven that coffee provides more than just a jolt of energy. It protects us from type 2 diabetes, liver diseases, it increases our metabolism and reduces the risk of heart failure.

There’s also a few fascinating facts regarding the cup of your favourite drink:

• Worlds biggest producers of coffee are: Brasil, Vietnam, Columbia and Indonesia.
• Finland is the biggest consumer of coffee per capita. Around 12 kg per person.
• Instant coffee was first made in England in 1771.A single coffee tree grows from 3 to 4 years. Afterwards it supplies around 450 to 900 grams of coffee beans per season.
• Lightly roasted coffe provides more caffeene than dark roasts. The rule is simple. The longer you roast coffee beans, the more caffeene escapes. You can get most kick out of green cofee, which doesn’t get roasted at all.
• The worlds most expnsive coffee is…kopi luwak! It’s production process is completely natural. Coffee beans are digested by a civet – an animal similar to cats, which comes from Indonesia. One cup can cost as much as 100 PLN!

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Date 02 April 2021

Happy Easter!

Wishing you a peaceful Easter that fills you with energy for the rest of the year! May this Easter bring prosperity and success to you and your business.

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